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B. Moved - Organized Moves for Home, Life, Legacy


B. Moved’s services begin with a one-hour consultation, conversation and on-site evaluation to discuss your needs and timeline, create your home vision, and provide suggestions on how to begin the process of organizing and moving into your next life stage. B. Moved offers a variety of service packages as well as an hourly rate that can be customized to support and manage your project. We do as much or as little as you want based on your needs and your budget.


B. Moved works with you to create the home you have envisioned, a home free from clutter, chaos and stuff. We provide the guidance and resources to design a home that grows, changes and adapts with you and your family.

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B. Moved will:

  • Sort through the stuff, collections, and memories with you

  • Declutter, contain, and organize spaces

  • Dispose of excess items through donation, recycling, shipping to others, consignment, and removal

  • Evaluate the home to assess, identify, and recommend changes for your current and future aging in place needs – including products, furniture, and universal design elements

  • Coordinate with certified contractors for any renovation required to existing home


Any move – downsizing, upsizing, relocating or simply moving across town - is a challenge for many people. The number of decisions required during the process can be overwhelming and frustrating. For seniors, there can be additional stressors such as health concerns, memory loss, the lack of immediate access to family and the accumulation of decades of “stuff.”

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At B. Moved, we understand the emotional and physical strain of moving. 


We provide hands-on assistance and management – before, during and after – the entire moving process. We take care of the details, assist with decision-making, and gently guide our clients through their move one step at a time.

B. Moved will:

  • Create an overall plan and timeline for your move

  • Sort, discard, and donate your stuff to lighten your moving load

  • Arrange for shipments and storage of items for family members

  • Remove or recycle trash and clean your home for sale

  • Coordinate professionals for repairs

  • Stage your home to prepare for the sale

  • Manage move day logistics – packing, loading, and unloading of household goods

  • Unpack boxes at your new home

  • Organize your new residence to make it feel like home

Especially for Seniors:

  • Coordinate move-in/move-out timeline with senior community

  • Create new living space floorplan filled with items you cherish

  • Unpack boxes and set up new residence to feel like home

  • Arrange for donations, sales and estate dispersal to family and friends

  • Provide follow-up assistance with organizing after move-in


Leaving a legacy of memories and mementos is important to many seniors. It is their way of ensuring they are remembered and that their voice carries on after they are gone. Your B. Moved team can offer suggestions on creative ways to record and archive family histories and mementos.

In addition to assisting our older clients, B. Moved works directly with adult children, family members and caregivers who are hindered by distance, career and life obligations to do what needs to be done. We can be a trusted third-party who will work with you to create a plan in accordance with the wishes of the family, estate or legal will.

B. Moved will:

  • Provide project management of the entire dispersal process

  • Coordinate photo, video, and memorabilia preservation

  • Ship and allocate gifted items and collections

  • Organize the estate by sorting, donating, and discarding household goods and papers as directed by the family and legal executor

  • Arrange for appraisals, consignments, auctions or estate tag sales

  • Prepare property for sale and hire and coordinate contractors for necessary home repairs, cleaning, painting, landscaping, home staging, etc.

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