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B. Moved - Organized Moves for Home, Life, Legacy

B. Moved is a move management and organizing company that specializes in taking the stress out of life’s transitions. We help seniors, families, empty nesters, and individuals manage every element of the downsizing, moving, and resettling process - from sorting, decluttering, packing and staging their current home, to unpacking and organizing their new one. Let your B. Moved team plan, coordinate, and manage the move so you don’t have to.

Organized Moves for the Home provides you the opportunity to sort, declutter, discard, and donate the stuff of life that is weighing you down. It allows you to free up space in your house, your head, and your heart and let’s you start living the life you have envisioned. Your B. Moved team will help you create an environment that allows you to be healthy, active, and safe at home. Ideal for those looking to Age in Place.  

Organized Moves for Life moves you from one life stage to the next. Are you downsizing the family home, upsizing your empty nest, combining households, relocating across country or just moving across town? Your B. Moved team can ease the transition by managing your move from start to finish, guiding you along in the planning and decision-making process. Let our years of moving experience, resources, suppliers, and services make this your easiest move ever.

Organized Moves for Legacy honors the life you have led, the memories you have made, and the memorabilia you have collected along the way. B. Moved works with seniors to organize their estate, distribute gifted items, arrange for creative archiving of family history, and sort through years of collections. The B. Moved team also partners with families after the loss of a loved one to help minimize stress by providing an organized dispersal and clear out of their home and estate.

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